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St John's Catholic

Primary School

Class Talks

Class talks will take place on a Friday. They are to last between 5-10 minutes on a subject that interests the child. Being able to present to an audience is a crucial skill that requires practise and preparation. Please give your child a chance to present at home before they stand in front of their peers.

All children will have an opportunity to present throughout the year and a timetable has been arranged with the children.


If you need to share any electronic resources e.g powerpoint, please send to:





10/9/21 - Jack

 17/9/21 – Danny

                                  24/9/21 – Max             

  1/10/21 – Amelia

8/10/21 – Asa

15/10/21 – Nia

22/10/21- Theo




5/11/21 – Sonny

12/11/21 - Ava

19/11/21 - Imogen

26/11/21 - Fergus

3/12/21 - Cordelia

10/12/21 - Abbie

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