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Summer Term


Over halfway through Year 3 already!

Our Year 3 children are showing excellent standards of behaviour and attitude in and outside of the classroom and their knowledge and understanding is improving each day too. Below is a list of topics we will be exploring in the Summer Term.



The Iron Man by Ted Hughes, The Iron Woman by Ted Hughes The Lion Inside by Rachel Bright


Punctuating speech, using the present perfect tense, revision and consolidation


Fractions, Time, 2D and 3D shapes, Volume and capacity


Celebrating Easter and Pentecost, Being a Christian


Parts and function of a plant, investigating plant growth, revision and consolidation


The Roman Invasion of Britain, What the Romans Gave Us


The Lake District




Studying Isambard Kingdom Brunel, building bridges


Spring Term:


The children have settled well into life in Year 3. They approach their classroom responsibilities with dilligence and are building their independence in their work. This term we will be covering the following topics:



EnglishStig of the Dump, Stone Age Boy, Diary of a Killer Cat
MathsDivision, Statistics, Money, Length and Perimeter and Fractions
REThe Sacrament of Reconciliation, Celebrating the Mass
ScienceRocks, Fossils and Soils, Healthy Diet
ArtThe life and work of Wassily Kandinsky
DTDesigning and making a healthy meal
HistoryStone Age to Iron Age Britain


In Year 3, the children are being encouraged to take a more independent approach to their learning. They will be expected to fulfil classroom responsibilities diligently and take even greater pride in the presentation and overall quality of their work. During the autumn term we will be exploring the following topics:


EnglishA Bear Called Paddington, The Hodgeheg 
MathsPlace Value, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication
REOur Church Family
ScienceLight and Shadow, Forces and Magnetism
GeographyThe United Kingdom, London
HistoryOur school history. School life in Victorian Britain
MusicIntroduction to the glockenspiel


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