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St John's Catholic

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Sporting Successes

Sports Hall Athletics 2019

Congratulations to the St John's Athletics team for coming an amazing 2nd place during the Sportshall Athletics Competition! They will go on to represent school in the Sportshall Athletics Finals taking place in January at Stanley Park Sports Centre.


Well done, St John's! 

Attatched is a copy of the Sports Newsletter for the year of 2018/19. St John's had huge sporting successes ranging from second place in the Dance Competition held in the Blackpool Tower Ballroom, to coming first place in the Rounders Competition. 


Enjoy reading about our sporting achievements! 



Football league winners

Football champions league winners

Football rally winners

Boys' swimming gala winners

Girls' swimming gala 3rd pla

Y4,5 cricket finals winners

Y6 cricket finals winners

Y6 cricket regional finals 4th place

y3,4 tennis

Dance competition 2nd place


Wednesday 11th October

Our Year 2 children had a great time at the multi-skills festival which was held at Cardinal Allen. They all worked very hard and made us proud.

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