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Spring 1 Overview

The pupils in Year 6 are developing into well-motivated, hardworking students. They are expected to exhibit the highest possible standards of behaviour and schoolwork. We will continue to encourage your children to develop personal organisational skills, self-discipline and a greater degree of independence. During this term we will be revising work in preparation for our SATs in May – week beginning 09.05.22. I will be sending homework and giving further examples of commercial schemes which may be useful for revision purposes.


In R.E. we will be following the topic 'Exploring the Mass’. Children will continue to prepare their own collective worship as well as saying the more formal prayers. 


In English, we will largely focus on fiction. This term the children will write in a crime fiction style. They will also focus on discussion and debate during their non-fiction unit. During reading sessions, the children will use the A.P.E. (answer it, prove it, explain it) strategy to justify their view and develop their comprehension skills. 


In Maths our work will include:

- Geometry - position and direction

- Decimals

- Percentages

- Algebra

We will also continue to revise the full range of maths topics in preparation for the SATs in May.

Homework will continue to be given on Fridays. 


In geography lessons we will be focusing on North America. We will use our mapping and research skills to learn about North America. 


The Science unit of work this half term is light. They will participate in experiments and draw conclusions from their findings. 


In Computing, the children will use the program 'Scratch' to develop their coding skills. They will learn to manipulate script to program a sprite and eventually create their own game.


P.E. lessons will continue to develop and expand gymnastic skills previously taught, as well as starting a new games unit of hockey.


In Latin, the children will study two units: 'a soldier's life' and 'how beautiful!'. They will also be practising using Latin in conversations.


I look forward to your support during this busy term.


Mrs C Moseley


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