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St John's Catholic

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Spring 2 Overview

The pupils in Class 6, on the whole, are developing into well-motivated, hardworking students. They are expected to exhibit the highest possible standards of behaviour and schoolwork. We will continue to encourage your children to develop personal organisational skills, self-discipline and a greater degree of independence.


In R.E. our topic is 'Jesus, the Messiah’. Children will continue to prepare their own collective worship as well as saying the more formal prayers. We will be celebrating Lent and Easter with appropriate liturgies, hymns and drama.


In English, we will explore explanation texts. We will study genre features, punctuation used (e.g. bullet points and parenthesis) and register used. This will result in the children writing their own explanation text on something that interests them. Upon returning all children to school, we will use stories to support wellbeing and to explore feelings and emotions.  


In Maths our work will include:

- Ratio

- Geometry and statistics


This term in science we will be classifying organisms. The children will explore ways to distinguish between organisms that have similar characteristics. They will study plants and the Carl Linnaeus Classification System.


In history, we will be comparing Vikings with Anglo-Saxons. The children will be looking at what Britain was like before the first Viking invasion and how their settlements affects the Anglo-Saxons. They will also learn about how and when England became a unified country.


In Computing sessions children will use their knowledge of Scratch to create their own game.


During P.E. lessons we will be focusing on hockey and net&wall tennis. As the weather improves we will be using the outdoor area more so the children are encouraged to wear blue leggings or plain blue tracksuit bottoms.


I look forward to your support during this busy term.


Mrs C Moseley

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