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Summer 2 Overview

For our pupils in Class 6 this is a very busy final term.


The children will be performing in a play at the end of the year called 'The Pirates of the Currybean’. We are performing our musical at 2pm and 6pm on Monday 4th July and 6pm on Tuesday 5th July.  The class will also be going on a 3 day Residential Activity Visit to Borwick Hall (13th-15th July).


We hope that the children continue to work hard and behave as we expect our oldest pupils to, right until the end of term.


In R.E. we will be following the topic ‘Called to Serve’, which allows us to reflect on being disciples of Jesus, the Sacraments and ways in which we can serve others. Pupils will continue to prepare their own liturgies in addition to this.


In English, we will continue to write for a range of audiences and purposes, with a focus on transition to High School. We will be using the book ‘The 1000-year-old boy’ to base all our writing on and will write for a range of audiences and purposes. The children will continue to use the Accelerated Reader programme to support their developing comprehension skills.


In maths we will focus geometry, exploring shape - translation, reflection and co-ordinates. We will also develop both written and mental strategies for the four number operations, increasing in speed and accuracy. In addition to this, we will complete transitional work for High School.


In geography the children will use their skills to explore digital maps. 


Our science work will be linked with Personal, Social and Healthy Education where we will be looking at all aspects of health and hygiene e.g. diet, washing, growing up and bodily changes. 


Work planned for P.E. and Games will include athletics and rounders.


Many thanks for your continued support during this very busy and important term.

Mrs C Moseley

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