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St John's Catholic

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School Logo

St John's Catholic

Primary School

Autumn 1 - 2023



In RE the children will be following the programme of study, The Vine and The Branches. They will learn the Creation Story, as well as how to care for Gods' world.



In RHE we will be focusing on how God created and loved us. We will complete circle times discussing the special life God gave us. We will also reflect on how we can spread God’s message to those around us, spreading love and kindness. 



In English we will be focusing on recounts and creative writing. For our creative writing we will be using two books: What the Ladybird Heard and a Squash and a Squeeze. We will sharing lots of stories about animals, and encouraging children to read for pleasure.



In Mathematics we are going to be focusing on Place Value Within Ten. We will do this through group activities, small group sessions and individual activities. The children will be using concrete resources to help them the value of each number and it’s relation to other numbers.



In Science the children will be learning about animals. We will be classifying animals into five groups: mammals, fish, birds, reptiles and amphibians. We will look at the specific features of each animal that will helps us to identify them. 



In Geography we are going to be learning about our local area, Poulton. The children will use maps to find local landmarks and will learn about the different jobs we have that keeps Poulton a happy place to live.



In ICT we are introducing Purple Mash. The children will learn how to navigate through the programme, and will create two pieces of work: All About Me and On the Farm. 



In Music the children are learning a new song ‘Me!’ They will learn how to identify the different instruments and find the beat in the song using instruments.




In PE we are focusing on key skills using the story Supertato! The children will be completing various activities that will help to strengthen their running, hopping, jumping, skipping and under arm throwing.



In Art the children will research different animal sculptures and design a mini beast sculpture. We will then use clay to create our own mini beast sculpture and decorate it.

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