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St John's Catholic

Primary School

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St John's Catholic

Primary School

Summer 2 - 2024


In RE, we are going to be learning about the Catholic Church. We will discuss the church in the world, and learn how Jews celebrate God's love and care.



In RHE, we will learn about the Holy Trinity, and begin to recognise who are neighbour is and the importance that has on us as individuals. 



In English, we are looking at different fiction stories: On the Way Home, Farmer Duck and The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch. We will use our comprehension skills to answer questions about the text, write a recount of Farmer Duck's day on the farm, and use descriptive writing techniques to describe Mr Grinling's lunch. 



In Maths, with Miss Appleyard, we will develop our understanding of multiplication, division and fractions. Mrs Ronson will teach place value to 100.



In Science, we will learn about seasonal changes. We will learn the four seasons, and discuss their differences and similarities. We will focus on how the seasons affect different things, for example, the weather, the plants, animals and humans. 



In History, we will learn about Significant People. We will focus on two different nurses from the past: Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. We will talk about what makes them significant and the things they did that changed the way we do things today.


Design Technology

In DT, we will be exploring different playgrounds. We will begin by comparing playground equipment and think about their properties. We will visit Jean Stansfield Memorial Park to explore the different equipment, and will work towards building our own playground using junk modelling materials.



In Music, our topic is ‘Reflect and Rewind.' Throughout the half term we will use our voices expressively and creatively by singing songs and speaking a variety of chants and rhymes. 



In PE, with Miss Appleyard, we will develop our athletic skills. We will learn how to use apparatus safely, perform jumps and roles. With Mrs Ronson, we will focus on Gymnastics. 

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