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Spring 2 overview



This half term our theme will focus on food and its importance in our lives. We will look at how food varies around the globe and the geographical and scientific reasons for this.






In R.E. the topic is Reconciliation. We will be thinking carefully about Lent and Easter.


We will reflect upon the consequences of our actions and study important people including Mary Ann Long and Mother Antonia Brenner. We will study the Parable of the Lost Son in detail and think carefully about the important messages. We will learn about God's love and forgiveness through the Sacrament of Reconciliation.


Year 5 will perform an Easter play on the morning of Tuesday 5th April.



The children will develop story writing focusing on characterisation and setting description. They will write a science fiction story involving an alien landing. We will study a variety of authors including Pie Corbett.


We will also study the brilliant poem ‘The Highwayman’ by Alfred Noyes. This poem is full of wonderful description and language and is always popular with the children.


Our grammar work will focus on expanded noun phrases and use of correct tenses. 


We continue to concentrate on spelling patterns with various letter strings through investigation and thank you, in advance, for your continued support in helping your child learn their weekly spellings.


We will continue to work on our class novel entitled Wonder.




In Mathematics, we will complete our learning in fractions and develop this by studying decimals in detail. Throughout our learning, we will focus on developing fluency, reasoning and problem solving. We will also focus on improving speed and accuracy with mental arithmetic.


On Thursday mornings, the children will complete properties of shapes with Mrs Donnelly.




In our topic on forces children will:


  • explain that unsupported objects fall towards the Earth because of the force of gravity acting between the Earth and the falling object
  • identify the effects of air resistance, water resistance and friction, that act between moving surfaces
  • recognise that some mechanisms including levers, pulleys and gears allow a smaller force to have a greater effect



In Geography we will explore food from around the world. This will include researching Fairtrade food and thinking about the impact of food miles. Our work on food will also act as an introduction to Earth's different climate zones. 





In this unit, the children will start to create vector drawings. They learn how to use different drawing tools to help them create images. The children will recognise that images in vector drawings are created using shapes and lines, and each individual element in the drawing is called an object. The children will layer their objects and begin grouping and duplicating them to support the creation of more complex pieces of work.





PE will continue on a Tuesday and a Wednesday. We will complete two invasion games units this half term focusing on Football and Hockey.


Relationships and Health Education


We will continue to work through the 'Life to the Full scheme'.


You may want to have a look at some of the resources we will be using:


Below is a link To access the online parent platform:

School Username: st-johns-fy6

School Password: john-6




The children will continue to learn Latin with Mrs Donnelly following the Minimus scheme.




The children will continue with the Big Band. We will also complete our unit entitled, 'Classroom Jazz.' The children will also learn and perform the songs ready for our Easter play.

Design and Technology


The children will design and make a snack bar using as many British ingredients/fairtrade products as possible. This links with our work in Geography.


Learning log


Please research local sweet and savoury products available to buy locally. Record them and where they come from. Design a dish using some of the ingredients. Try to make the dish and take a photograph. Please hand in no later than Wednesday 27th March.

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