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Black History Month October 2023


From artists to astronauts, Nelson Mandela to Mae Jemison, around school we have been learning about key figures of black history. 


We have carefully mapped our whole school history curriculum and the progression of skills and knowledge which we intend St John's pupils to achieve.

We have identified the key knowledge and vocabulary for each history topic taught through school.

Key knowledge and vocabulary - Year 1

Key knowledge and vocabulary - Year 2

Key knowledge and vocabulary - Year 3

Key knowledge and vocabulary - Year 4

Key knowledge and vocabulary - Year 5

Key knowledge and vocabulary - Year 6

What our children think of History at St John's...


History makes a significant contribution to the education of our children. It can stimulate the child’s growing awareness of themselves, their place in the world and their natural sense of wonder associated with this. It is used to promote an attitude of tolerance and respect for people and ideas that are different to those held today and a growing sense of worth of the individual within God’s world.

During their time at St John's, our children will:


  • Develop an understanding of the past through an awareness of how things have changed.

  • Understand why things in the past happened and what the consequences of these events were.

  • Compare different time periods, including our own, with a particular focus on the experiences of people.

  • Develop an understanding of how historical events can be interpreted differently, and to give reasons for these differences.

  • Obtain information from both primary and secondary historical sources and to form judgements about their reliability.

History at St John's



Remembrance Day

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