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St John's Catholic

Primary School


Science makes a significant contribution to the education of our children. Through their investigations children are able to acquire an awareness of:

  • The importance of science in everyday life
  • The part science has played in the development of many of the things they use in real life
  • The need to treat their environment with care and sensitivity
  • The need to treat all living things with the respect they deserve as part of God’s creation.



Through Science our objectives are:

  • To encourage children to enquire, explore and observe, so that they can ask questions about themselves and their environment.
  • To encourage children to test or experiment in order to progress towards answers in their questions.
  • To encourage children to look for links and patterns in their studies.
  • To teach children how to record their findings as accurately as possible in appropriate ways for their age and ability.
  • To teach and encourage children to draw conclusions or answers from their work.

Science Displays around School

Year 2 Plants Topic : What do plants need to grow?

Bird Club

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