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Science makes a significant contribution to the education of our children. Through their investigations children are able to acquire an awareness of:

  • The importance of science in everyday life
  • The part science has played in the development of many of the things they use in real life
  • The need to treat their environment with care and sensitivity
  • The need to treat all living things with the respect they deserve as part of God’s creation.




Science is a subject that stimulates and excites pupils' curiosity about the world around them. Scientific investigation develops understanding through practical activity, and encourages critical and creative thought. An important aspect of Science at St John's is for the children to learn and use scientific vocabulary in the correct context, both while in discussion during practical investigation and also when writing up their findings. Children are exposed to different ways of investigating and get the chance to develop their skills at predicting likely outcomes. Making predictions is a key skill used across the curriculum as it teaches children that making a mistake, or not getting something quite right is a natural part of learning.


The pupils need to understand that there are many cross curricular links within Science learning, ranging from creating tables, graphs and interpreting data, to discovering materials from different climates and countries. Pupils are encouraged to work in groups to carry out investigations, so they are constantly developing their co-operation and communication skills, which is key to working effectively as part of a team.



Through Science our objectives are:

  • To encourage children to enquire, explore and observe, so that they can ask questions about themselves and their environment.
  • To encourage children to test or experiment in order to progress towards answers in their questions.
  • To encourage children to look for links and patterns in their studies.
  • To teach children how to record their findings as accurately as possible in appropriate ways for their age and ability.
  • To teach and encourage children to draw conclusions or answers from their work.




At St John's, teachers pride themselves on planning stimulating lessons that will challenges pupil’s ideas about Science and the world around them and to ensure they are always trying to make links with other areas of their learning.


There is a clear progression in each unit and this can clearly be seen throughout the school in each year group so that children are extending their knowledge from learning in previous year groups.



Science Displays around School

Year 2 Plants Topic : What do plants need to grow?

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