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Autumn Overview


Welcome to Year 4! We are sure that our Year 4 children will settle into school life quickly and continue to work hard to produce more independent and detailed work. We will be giving the children more responsibility in school and we will expect a greater amount of personal organisation to help them to develop as individuals.


Religious Education

 In R.E. we will be using the RE scheme called 'The Way, the Truth and the Life'. The two topics we will be focusing on this term are 'The Bible' and 'Trust in God'. In these topics we will learn that the Bible is one story told through many different books and that in the Bible, God tells us about himself and His relationship with His people. We will also explore how different people in the Bible had to put their trust in God and we will look at when we need to put our own trust in God. We incorporated prayer into our daily school life and will be celebrating Advent and Christmas with appropriate liturgies and drama. 



In R.H.E this term we will using Coram Life Education to guide us in our learning. We will focus on the topics of:

- Who keeps us stay healthy and safe?

- Medicines: Check the label.

- Danger, risk or hazard?

- Knowing the norms

- Introduction to First Aid


In the second half term, Mrs Ronson will be leading the children through KIDSAFE, a specialised child protection programme. The KIDSAFE programme deals with building children's confidence, self esteem and equips children with effective skills to deal with unsafe situations.



In the first half term our theme will be the Loch Ness Monster. We will be exploring whether the Loch Ness Monster is real or fake, creating an article to present our research. We will also focus on adventure stories using 'The Treasure of the Loch Ness Monster' by Lari Don and also 'The Family Ness' cartoon as our basis for creating our own adventure story.


In the second half of this term our focus will be on fairytales, especially looking at 'The Pied Piper', recounting events through newspaper articles and also poems based on the theme of winter. 


Throughout our English lessons we will immerse the children in different styles of writing using children's fiction and non-fiction texts as sources for our writing. We will be concentrating on punctuation: full stops, capital letters, commas, question marks, exclamation marks, apostrophes and inverted commas. We will be linking spelling and handwriting activities to develop a good cursive handwriting style.  


In addition, in the first half term we will have comprehension based reading lessons, where we will explore a variety of texts, drawing out the relevant information for the questions asked. Our whole class guided reading text for the second half term will be 'The Butterfly Lion' by Michael Morpurgo. We will base our comprehension work around this text.


Spellings will continue to be sent home on Fridays and tested the following Friday. 



In Maths our number work, both mental and written, will focus on place value, addition and subtraction, perimeter and multiplication and division. 

We will continue our focus within school of our 1-12 times tables in preparation for the times table check in the Summer Term.






During the first half term in Science we will look at the topic of 'Electricity'. Pupils will learn the names of devices used in simple circuits and test materials to find out which are conductors and insulators. The children will be using diagrams and drawings to label and explain these circuits.


In the second half term, our topic will be 'States of Matter'. The children will learn what solids, liquids and gases are and how they can change state when they are heated or cooled. The children will also look at evaporation and condensation and how this contributes to the water cycle. 


Throughout science we will be conducting experiments to support our learning, whilst also understanding how to write up our findings.


Geography and History

In the first half term we will be doing Geography. Our topic will be 'Land Use'. We will look at what settlements are and what are the needs of settlers. We will also look at the natural resources that we have on the earth and the pros and cons of natural resources.


In the second half term we will be doing History. Our topic will be 'The Vikings'. We will be exploring the time in history that the Vikings invaded Britain, looking at who they were, where they came from and their daily life.



Art and DT

In the first half term our focus will be on pencil drawing, looking at the way we can draw lines, shade our work using pencils and also how we can create 3D artwork. We will also look at tessellations drawing on the work of M.C. Escher. 

In the second half of this term our theme will be the 'Art of Food'. We will be looking at collage and will create our own fruit portraits in the style of Giuseppe Arcimboldo.



P.E. and Games

Our P.E. units for the first half term will be boccia and basketball where we will hope to get outside as much as possible. The children will work on their concentration, coordination and ball skills.


In the second half term our focuses will be gymnastics and dance. In gymnastics we will be focusing on different ways of travelling and will end in creating a Christmas gymnastic routine. In dance our focus will be electricity where the children will be able to use their past knowledge from science to create dances thinking about the function and equipment of electricity.




In Music we will learn how to play a range of instruments in Samba Band where a teacher from Lancashire Music Service will come in every Tuesday afternoon to lead these sessions.




 In Computing our focus will be on editing and using different programs to create text and images. This will culminate in the children creating a presentation about Arcimboldo who is their focus in Art.

Additionally, we will reinforce online safety and how to use technology responsibly. 



I look forward to your continued support in this very busy term.               

Miss Parkinson



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