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Summer Overview

Religious Education

In the first half term we will be studying the topic of 'The Early Christians'. We will be be exploring what happened after the Resurrection of Jesus including His Ascension and Pentecost. We will also look at the reaction of the disciples after receiving the Holy Spirit at Pentecost and how they worked to spread the good news and evangelise the nation. As May is the month of Mary, we will also look at the importance of the Rosary and the children will create their own Rosary and learn to pray with it.


In the second half term, our topic will be 'The Church'. In this topic we will study what the church is, the sacraments, the church year, the communion of Saints and the mission that the church sets out to achieve by following Jesus.



In the first half term, we will first look at film and play scripts. The children will learn what scripts are and identify the features of scripts through reading, analysing and acting out scripts. We will also look at how stories and scripts differ in how they are written. Finally, the children will create their own script based on a short film and they will act this out with their peers to the rest of the class. We will then finish off the half term with a non-fiction topic by looking at explanation texts. Explanation texts describe a process of something happening e.g. the water cycle, the digestive system. We will be using our imagination to create our own invention which could help us in day to day life. 


In the second half term, we will be focusing on writing myths. We will write our own myth about creation. We will use our prior knowledge of Ancient Egyptian Gods and their myth of how creation came about to support our learning. We will end this term by looking at persuasion articles. We will create a persuasion/sales pitch/article for our invention we created last term.


Our whole class guided reading text will be 'The Firework Maker's Daughter' by Philip Pullman. We will base our comprehension work around this text.


Spellings will continue to be sent home on a Friday afternoon and will then be tested on the following Friday afternoon.



This term in maths we will be covering the topics of time, decimals, money, properties of shape and position and direction. Throughout our learning we will be concentrating on developing fluency, reasoning and problem solving.


We will continue with our focus of times tables up to and including 12x12, using various methods.



Our topic in the first half term is 'Sound'. Throughout this topic we will work scientifically to understand what sound is and how it is made. We will be conducting experiments and through class discussions we will learn about sound vibrations, pitch and volume and sound reduction. 


Our topic in the second half term is 'Living things and their habitats'. During the topic we will look at how living things can be classified in a variety of different ways in order to group, identify and name the living thing . We will also look at how environments can change and specifically the impact humans can have on environments, both positive and negative.



In the first half term we will be learning about the Ancient Egyptians. We will look at where the Ancient Egyptians came within history, focusing on timelines, we will look at artefacts to find out what information we can gather about the Ancient Egyptians, we will also learn about daily life and the importance of the River Nile as well as Pharaohs, Gods, tombs and Egyptian mummification. 


In the second half term, our topic will be 'The Vikings'. We will be exploring the time in history that the Vikings invaded Britain, looking at who they were, where they came from and their daily life.


Art and D.T.

In the first half term, we will be look at Egyptian Art and Architecture. We will look at how the Egyptians used symbols, hieroglyphics and various daily scenes to decorate and show their art. We will design and create our own cartouche and Egyptian self portrait. 


In the second half term, our focus will remain on the topic of Egyptians but we will be looking at designing and creating our own Egyptian masks within D.T. 


P.E. and Games

Our P.E. units for this term will be:

- Striking and Fielding Games - Focus = Cricket

- Gymnastics 



In music, we will continue our learning through our Samba Band. A teacher from Lancashire Music Service will lead these sessions. We will continue to play a range of instruments, learning different rhythms to put together a class performance.

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