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St John's Catholic

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Design and Technology

Design and Technology (DT) prepares pupils to participate in tomorrow's rapidly changing technologies.  Through DT children learn to think and intervene creatively to improve quality of life.  The subject calls for pupils to become autonomous and creative problem solvers, as individuals and members of a team.  The children look for needs, wants and opportunities and respond to them by developing a range of ideas and making products and systems.  They combine practical skills with an understanding of aesthetics, social and environmental issues, function and industrial practices.  As they do so, they reflect on and evaluate present and past designers, technology and its uses and effects.  Through DT, all pupils can become discriminating and informed users of products, and become innovators.

  • Our DT teaching follows National Curriculum objectives and guidance.
  • We provide opportunities for children to experience designing, making and modifying, using a wide range of materials including sheet materials, textiles, construction materials and food. 
  • We aim to develop children's design and technology capability through a skills based approach, using knowledge and understanding from a wide range of other curriculum areas.
  • Children will be involved in practical activities where good quality products are made which are fit for their intended purpose.
  •  Children will use the design process whereby ideas may be transformed into objects as they continually evaluate and improve their work. 
  • They will also have the opportunity to disassemble, investigate and evaluate products.  Children will have enjoyable, practical, learning experiences.
  •  We provide all pupils with equal access and opportunity in design and technology, with particular awareness of gender, special educational needs and cultures.
  • To instil good Health and Safety attitudes and habits.
  • To ensure progression and differentiation within the process of Design and Technology and the context as outlined within the National Curriculum, considering all individual needs.
  • To encourage children’s logical and creative thinking, problem solving skills and strategies, and building upon their practical skills.
  • To provide opportunities for social skills development involving both group work and cooperation.

Building models in Reception class

Key knowledge and vocabulary - Year 1

Key knowledge and vocabulary - Year 2

Key knowledge and vocabulary - Year 3

Key knowledge and vocabulary - Year 4

Key knowledge and vocabulary - Year 5

Key knowledge and vocabulary - Year 6

A child's view of DT at St John's


"You get to do lots of subjects at once in DT and it helps me focus more. It makes learning better because we often have a project that we work towards and we've got something to look forward to at the end of a topic."


"You can share your ideas and you don't have to stick to the rules! I can make a mess!"


"At school we've got lots of resources that we might not have at home so it's fun to explore the materials."

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