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St John's Catholic

Primary School


Places available for September 2024 Reception Class - please contact LCC Admissions North Area Education Office on 01524 581 148.

Click on the link above for the

2025-26 Determined Admissions Policy

for pupils starting in September 2025

or the

2024-25 Determined Admissions Policy

for pupils starting in September 2024

or the

2023-24 Determined Admissions Policy

for pupils who started in September 2023


St John’s is a Catholic Primary School provided by the Diocese of Lancaster and is maintained by Lancashire Local Authority as a voluntary aided primary school. The school’s Governing Board is the admission authority and is responsible for taking decisions on applicants for admission. The Governing Board’s admission number is 30.


Admission to the school will be made by the Governing Board. All references listed on the Local Authority Preference Form will be considered on an equal basis with the following set of admissions criteria forming a priority order where there are more applications for admissions than the school has places available.


Parents who wish their application to this Catholic school to be considered against the faith priority criteria should also complete the supplementary form available from and to be returned to the school office. If the school is oversubscribed failure to complete the supplementary form may result in your application for a place in this school being considered against lower priority criteria, as the governing body will have no information upon which to assess the application on the basis of the applicant’s baptism.


Each Catholic applicant will be required to produce a baptismal certificate.

The school's admissions appeals are supported by Lancashire County Council. Further information can be found at the link below:

Please note that if a parent/guardian is unable to submit an admissions appeal form themselves due to a disability or a language barrier, there is a Customer Service Centre who will be able to support them.


The Customer Service Centre contact number is 0300 123 6707.

For information regarding In-Year Admissions: 

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