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The Classical Association Writing Competition

3rd place in the Junior section (aged 11 and under) – responding to the theme ‘Myth’:

Congratulations to Amelie in Y5

The World Myth by Amelie Y5

"Teacher Mrs Donnelly has been an energetic advocate of classics at St John's since the launch of Classics for All's Blackpool Network in 2018. St John's has become an ambassador for classics in Blackpool and Latin is now the principal language learned by pupils aged 8-11 in six primary schools in the town."



We enquired with the 6 most popular high schools that our Y6 pupils go to when they leave here as to which foreign language the pupils learn in Y7. It is a mix of French, Spanish or German - there is no one common modern foreign language amongst high schools. 


We started the Latin teaching in conjunction with Blackpool 6th Form and Classics for All, who provided funding for staff training and the Minimus resources used in school.   


There are many advantages to learning Latin - research has shown that learning Latin improves academic outcomes in maths and English because verbal, analytical, logical and problem-solving skills are used and developed. The research showed this to be especially true in improving English skills such as grammar and vocabulary, also helping with reading comprehension. Our children also learn more about Ancient History and stories in literature such as Androcles and the Lion. 


Studying Latin provides the foundation for learning whichever language the chosen high school teaches because the French, German and Spanish languages derive more than 80% of words from Latin and most of their structure and grammar come from Latin.

Latin Play performed to Professor Edith Hall, King's College

Russian Visitors

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