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St John's Catholic

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Music helps develop creativity, imagination, good listening skills and constructive criticism. It enables children to work individually and as part of a group, using different instruments, to explore different genres of music. Music can be connected and explored through many different subjects. It allows children to express themselves, their personal thoughts and feelings, in unique ways which builds self-confidence. At St. John's we use Charanga Music Scheme to teach music throughout the school. 


At St. John's we aim for the children to develop:

- an enjoyment of learning through practical activity, exploration and discussion.

- confidence and competence in the skills of speaking and listening, constructive feedback and sharing practical work.

- an understanding and appreciation of different types of music from around the world.



Musical Opportunities at St. John's


Performances and Concerts

- Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 -  musical Christmas nativity. 

- Year 4 - musical Harvest service.

- Year 5 - musical Easter service.

- Year 6 - Carol Concert and carol singing within the local community.

- Year 3-6 - summer musical play led by Year 6. 

- Whole school assemblies throughout the year and also music assemblies.


Range of Instruments

During their time at St. John's, the children have many opportunities to learn various instruments. In Year 4, somebody from Lancashire Music Service comes in once a week to teach the children music through a Samba band. In Year 2, the children learn to play the recorders. In Year 6, the children learn to play the glockenspiel. 


As well as part of the national curriculum, children from Year 3-6 are able to learn a brass instrument, woodwind instrument or a violin at a small cost to parents. Mr. Squires-Evans comes in and teaches brass and violin and Mr. Lee teaches woodwind. Lessons take place within the school day with two music assembly performances during the school year. 



What Our Children Think About Music


- "I like music because it makes me happy and it flows through my body." - Ava

- "I like music because it gives me a really good talent of playing an instrument and it can train you to be a pro-musician." - George

- "I really enjoy violin because it is a very relaxing instrument but it is very important to practise." - Nia

- "I really enjoy playing my instrument (trumpet). It is really fun beacuse we learn a new tune every single week. Samba is really fun because it tells you what music they do in Africa. It's good because we're a whole band. I love music." - William

- "I like music because you get to change instruments and you get carried away in the music. It is really fun. We also get to do concerts in front of the school." - Izzy

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