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St John's Catholic

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Class Talks

Class Talks will take place on a Tuesday afternoon.  Please help your child choose a topic that they know about.  In the past children have presented talks on their favourite football team, a sport they participate in, how to care for a pet, a holiday, a different country etc. 


Please do not do the talk for your child as it is important that they can read any cue cards and know about the topic.  It is helpful if they can have examples of things to talk about.  If you wish to bring in a pet for them please see myself, Mrs Money or Mrs McKell to make arrangements. 


Unfortunately we cannot allow children to bring USB pens into school to use on our computers.  If you wish your child to make a powerpoint or display photographs, you can email this to me using the email address below. However, please ensure you inform me or a member of Year 2 staff that it has been sent in plenty of time prior to the talk, so that we can check it works.


E.mail address :

The class talks rota when organised will be available for viewing on here, on Seesaw as well as on the classroom window.


Many thanks for your support.

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