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St John's Catholic

Primary School

Spring 1 - 2024


In RE this half term we are going to be reflecting on what it means to be part of a family, focusing specifically on our church family. We will also be looking at Jesus’ visit to the temple. This will help us to begin to understand why we say Jesus is the Light of the World. We will also begin to learn about some of the Christian celebration that happen in church.






In English this half term we are going to be focusing on two tradition tales: Cinderella and Snow White. During our work on Cinderella we will be focusing on developing our descriptive writing as well as planning and writing a diary entry from the ball. During our work on Little Snow White we will be focusing on using punctuation appropriately in our sentences. We will also be working on creating a drama piece to act out the story. We will create a Non-Fiction piece of text: How to Train a Dragon. 



In Maths this half term with Miss Appleyard, we will work on addition and subtraction within 20. With Mrs Ronson, we will be measuring capacity and learning about coins and notes.   



In Science this half term we will be learning about our bodies. We will learn about how we can use our bodies for different activities. We will also develop our knowledge on the five senses by focusing on a different sense each week.



In Geography this half term we will be learning about the counties of the UK, developing learning beyond children’s immediate locality. We will also explore the UK by looking at individual counties, capital cities, human and physical features. Alongside this we will also be comparing and contrasting the capital cities of London and Brasilia.



In Art this half term we will be creating our own self-portrait inspired by Kollwitz and Modigliani. We will learn how to elongate our face and features in the style of Modigliani. We will then learn different line techniques inspired by Kollwitz that we will then use to add detail to our self-portraits.



In Music this half term our topic is ‘In The Groove’. Throughout the half term we will explore six different styles of music – Blues, Latin, Folk, Funk, Baroque and Bhangra.



In PE this half term we will be creating a dance based on The Three Little Pigs linked to our work on Traditional Tales in English. We will then move onto working on one of the fundamental skills, overarm throwing.

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