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St John's Catholic

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St John's Catholic

Primary School

Summer 1 - 2024


In RE, we are going to be learning about the Pentecost. We will discuss the importance of Jesus resurrecting on Easter Sunday, and how Jesus opens our eyes in the Road to Emmaus. We will learn about the Promise of the Spirit and the Ascension. 



In RHE, we will learn about who helps us, and discuss the importance of the Emergency Services. We will talk about who our neighbour is and link this to the church. 



In English, we are looking at a variety of different rhymes. We will explore playground rhymes and write our own to the tune of Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush. We will speak about our favourite Nursery Rhymes, and write descriptions of the characters. After that, we will look at the story Jasper's Beanstalk by Nick Butterworth, and write a diary entry from Jasper about how his bean grows. 



In Maths, with Miss Appleyard, we will develop our understanding of addition and subtraction within 20, and then move onto place value to 50. With Mrs Ronson, we will look at time, days of the week and months of the year. 



In Science, we will learn about plants. We will plant our own bean and monitor its progress over the next six weeks. We will discuss the lifecycle of a plant, and what a plant needs in order to grow. With donations from parents, we aim to plant some bedding plants, fruits and vegetables in our Year One Outdoor Area.



In Geography, we are learning about the Weather. We will discuss the different types of weather, and what activities and clothes we might wear depending on what the weather is like. We will write a weekly weather report. 


Design Technology

In DT, we will be exploring different fruits and vegetables. We will use our senses to describe the fruits and vegetables, and work towards designing and making our own fruit salad for us to enjoy before May half term. 



In Music, our topic is ‘Imagination.' Throughout the half term we will use our voices expressively and creatively by singing songs and speaking a variety of chants and rhymes. 



In PE, with Miss Appleyard, we will develop our athletic skills. We will learn how to use apparatus safely, perform jumps and roles. With Mrs Ronson, we will develop our Fundamental Movement Skills through activities relating to the story Zog by Julia Donaldson. 

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