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St John's Catholic

Primary School

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School Logo

St John's Catholic

Primary School

Catholic Life of St John's

‘St John’s is an outstanding Catholic School, where the dedication and drive of the headteacher, staff and governors leads to continuous improvement and excellent outcomes for all pupils.’

‘There is a calm and welcoming atmosphere and the pupils demonstrate this in interactions with each other, staff and visitors; consequently, their behaviour is outstanding. The pupils live out their one school rule of ‘Love One Another’ and this is evident with all groups of pupils.’

‘The whole school community has a strong sense of belonging to the Catholic faith. The staff work very effectively to ensure that Christ is at the centre of all they do.’

‘Teaching is outstanding and is effective in enthusing pupils and ensuring that they learn extremely well.’

‘The school deploys support staff very effectively and they regularly take part in the teaching of lessons. They make a significant contribution to the learning and progress of these pupils.’

‘Standards of attainment in RE are excellent… all pupils… make excellent progress’

‘Parents appreciate the work of the school, as shown in the parents’ questionnaires… They state that their children are happy in school and they are happy with the provision of RE in the school.’

As a Catholic School we are deeply committed to developing and enhancing the talents and potential of each child by providing an ethos that reflects the Gospel values and enables each one to grow in faith.


We understand that all children have their own unique relationship with God, for some this has been nurtured and developed within the home, whilst others receive their first awareness of the Church community at school.


For all our children the religious teaching will be the foundation of the entire educational process and the beliefs and values studied will inspire and draw together every aspect of our school community.


We collect money to help support children less fortunate than ourselves. We raise funds for Mary's Meals, CAFOD and Caritas Care. We also have a Fair Trade tuck shop, supporting farmers to get a fair price for their produce.


We started raising money in 2012 for Mary's Meals and so far we have fed over 300 children by bringing in small amounts of money that we don't miss. There are over 200 children in our school and none of us ever go hungry: our aim was to feed the same amount of children so that they can go to school and learn just like us.



We do a lot of fundraising for CAFOD...



...and for Caritas Care





Click on the link to find out more about Fair Trade products. 

We have a Fair Trade tuck shop every Friday run by the Y6 Fair Trade team. 

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