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St John's Catholic

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Latest News

Our caterpillars have hatched! We let them go in our garden.

We can buy our healthy snack at the role-play farm shop.

KS is helping us in our Kidsafe sessions with Mrs Ronson to learn about how to keep safe.

The story of Oliver's Vegetables by Vivian French inspired us to make our own vegetable soup.

We are observing little creatures in our class.

Happy Easter!

We did it! 2000 laps of the school track on a sponsored walk for our Lent charities. We feel proud of ourselves!

Planting a Tree for the Queen's Jubilee

We are taking part in a Lent sponsored walk. We will go round the school track 2000 times! Please bring in a £1 for our Lent charity fundraising.

Congratulations to our School Council children

We can read the words on the balls and throw them in the right colour box!

We loved listening to Mr Dominic tell us his stories during National Storytelling Week

I can be a Super Hero too! We made a colour wash with paint to create a city skyline with our number shapes. Next we decided what powers to have and put ourselves in the pictures.

We enjoyed these two funny stories about Super hero's. Can you see our 'super long' line of cubes? We measured how many people long it was in our classroom by lying down!

Using a Number Line

Christmas Dinner Day!

We have read the story of The Gingerbread Man and then we made our own!

We have been doing Diwali dancing with Jordan from Blue Moose Dance.

We are learning about Diwali and we had a Diwali party!

We had an amazing visit to The Grundy Art Gallery in Blackpool! We saw drawings, sculptures, models and multi media art work. We loved the talking owl and the art work on the outside of the building by Chila Kumari Singh Burman. We are now working towards achieving a 'Discover Arts Award' certificate.

We have been thinking about new words we can use to describe the fireworks on Bonfire night.

Well done to the children who helped Father Peter plant some spring time bulbs in front of the church today.

Our family visit to the library.

Mr Parker is our History Co-Ordinator and he gave out some special history certificates.

Thank you to all the Grandparents and older members of the Reception children's families who helped them find out about what school was like in the past. There were some interesting differences including drinking milk from a little bottle, having to walk a long way home and no iPads in class! Some things stayed the same such as enjoying playing outside at playtime and having a yummy school dinner.

Playing Bingo with our Twins

Yellow Day for World Mental Health Day. We read the story 'The Colour Monster' and investigated the feelings. Yellow made him feel happy and we thought about what makes us happy too.

We are exploring the outdoors in Autumn to make art.

We Are Making Music!

PE in Reception Class

Parents' Reading Workshop


Many thanks to all the parents who attended the 'Reception Reading Workshop' meeting in September. Please have a look at the list of books that come recommended by parents for parents. 


Charlie Cook's Favourite Book, Sharing A Shell, The Gruffalo, The Paper Dolls - J Donaldson

Brown Bear, Brown Bear - E Carle


The Gingerbread Man


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - R Dahl

Megaboy - Igloo Books

Lucky Duck - Jonathan Shipton

Kitchen Disco - C. Foges

Giraffe's Can't Dance - G Andreae and G Parker- Rees

The Smelly Princess - Igloo Books

Peppa Pig books


Superworm, Stickman, Zog, Monkey Puzzle, The Gruffalo, The Gruffalo's Child -J Donaldson

Oi Frog! - Kes Gray

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - E Carle

Ten Little Princesses - M Brownlow

What Will You Dream Of Tonight? - F Stickley

The Dinosaur That Pooped - T Fletcher

There's An Elf/Dragon In Your Book - T Fletcher

Mr Men books

Paddington books

Mog books -J Kerr

Whizzy Santa - M Billet 

Happy Families books -A Ahlberg

I Want My Hat Back - J Klassen

Supertato - S Hendra

Pip and Posy - A Scheffler

Noisy Bottoms -S Taplin

Our First Full Week in School


The children have done so well in settling into our routines and it's lovely to see their smiling faces each day! We are currently working on doing 'good listening' and have played some good games to identify the mystery sounds. We have also been going on 'listening walks' around the school to identify the sounds we can hear - some of them are very quiet sounds like the wind in the trees and others are quite noisy like the school bell at playtime. Playing 'Simon Says' has been a great game to play when listening carefully to instructions, especially when Mrs Chisnall tries to trick everyone!

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